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8 Red Flags to Look Out for Before Hiring Furniture Removalists in Penrith

Broken chinaware, dented appliances, bad customer service, demanding fees, and more stress for you! All these scenarios are the results you get from hiring the wrong furniture removals in Penrith. We don’t need to tell you how bad this would make your new home look. That surely would give new meaning to the phrase ‘a sight for sore eyes.


Seeing as the events mentioned above would be any homeowner’s worst nightmare, we’ve wondered and pondered about why people keep falling victim to these thieves every year. We discovered that most times, it’s not the people’s fault! These guys just keep getting better and better at concealing their criminal selves. They appear to you as extremely normal and hit you right back in the face when you’d least expect it. 

Thankfully, we thought of a solution to help you with your next move. We came up with eight things these criminals subconsciously do to their clients before and on D-day. So, if you’ve ever had to bear insurance paying for any of your broken appliances on a move or you just don’t want to go through any of that ghastly situation, this blog is for you. Keep scrolling as you find out 8 red flags to look out for before hiring your furniture removalist. 

  • They request upfront payments

It’s super normal for removalists to ask for a small deposit once you accept their quote before the move. This payment is for covering their losses if you decide to quit on them last minute. Normal only gets out of the equation when they demand a large amount of money. This not only makes them more suspicious but shows how unprofessional they are about their work. So, if you ever come across a removalist who demands more than the allocated percentage before your move, they’re not your guy. 

  • Their company doesn’t have a valid address 

This is common amongst lots of fake or unprofessional removalists. Why? That’s because they can easily put the blame on digitalization and not needing a home base for anything. They’d tell you the world is taking everything digital now and they want to operate online and not offline. To make their company more real, they would give you the address of their warehouse but, how can you get a refund if they don’t show up on D-day? 

  • Their insurance policy is as bogus as they are

Before hiring your furniture removalists, it’s ALWAYS important to make sure they have a valid insurance policy. Don’t believe all they tell you about insurance because most of it would be pure jargon. 

  • They don’t inspect your stuff before giving an estimate

A no-sight estimate is a major red flag you’ve got to look out for when going for furniture removals in Penrith. No matter how good a furniture removalist is, an on-site inspection is always crucial to give an accurate estimate. Do you know what’s worse? These criminals would look through the photos you send them and give you an estimate that’s usually too good to be true. 

  • Their warehouses are yucky

If you value your belongings well, then you’d better make sure you check out where they’d be keeping your stuff should there be rain or hail. This is one of the smartest ways to catch criminals at their own game. Three scenarios could play out:

  • They get you the address and you’re impressed with the warehouse’s conditions.
  • They don’t give a valid address and you’re repulsed by the conditions of the warehouse. 
  • They don’t even give you an address at all!

If the first scenario is your case, then you’re good to go. If not, be thankful you found out earlier and employ a real removalist to handle your stuff. 

  • Their rental trucks are sub-standard

Sub-standard in this case translates to; having no special lifting equipment for your heavy appliances, absence of a specialist fit-out and signage. If this is the case during your move, then your belongings would be in for a bumpy ride. You could either cut off your contract with them or wish your belongings godspeed. 

  • Are they members of AFRA?

AFRA translates to The Australian Furniture Removers Association and they pass off only professional furniture removalists in Penrith. To qualify, the company must have all the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises, and staff to complete a move professionally about 98% of the time. 

So, if your ideal furniture removalist gives you excuses for not being a member of AFRA, they’re either unprofessional or frauds. The latter is usually the case. 

  • They operate a nameless company

Suppose your moving company answers every phone call with, “Movers here” or “This is the moving company”, then there’s a problem. First of all, why are they hiding their company name? We’d let you in on a not-so-popular secret – it’s because they’re not real. Who knows? They could be a gang of internet fraudsters just waiting to rip you off your money. Always set up a physical meeting with your movers before hiring them. Oh! And interview them thoroughly too. 

There you have it! The next time you’re moving, make sure to look out for these red flags. This way, you don’t lose thousands of your hard-earned money to these cheap criminals and contact us if you need furniture removals in Penrith

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