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Office Removals: Essential preparation tips

Shifting your office to a new place involves lot of work right from finding a new space to packing up everything in your office. It is important to ensure that your business continues to run flawlessly throughout the entire moving process. To make things easier before, and after moving day, you can put together an office move timeline, checklist PDF and moving inventory template to make certain shifting into a new office will go off without a trap in this complex office relocation action plan. You may know how stressful office removals can be and that you will need to ensure the least downtime possible. If you feel like it is too much off work, you can approach the best removals in PenrithBelow are a few of the essential tips you need to consider for your move.

Choose the best date

The best time for office relocation is during weekends and in the evening during the day. You can plan your office move on Saturday or Sunday so that you no need to interrupt the normal working hours of your business. Also, you do not want to be moving office things on the same day as an important conference call or major meeting with international clients. For that, you make sure you pick a reasonable date that does not disrupt the day-to-day functions of your company.

Make a list of items

Once you have removed the unnecessary items from your office, you can begin creating a list of the larger items essential to move into the office. This will help you know what requirements to be moved and help the office removal company know all of the items of furniture that will be going with you to your new office.

Tag your boxes

Labelling boxes helps everybody, from the office removals company to those helping with the move, whether this may be employees or family members. Everyone knows which room the boxes want to be put into and therefore knows where to start unpacking.

A tip if you are moving into a new office with multiple rooms is to generate posters using the same terms labelled on the boxes to stick onto the doors of each room. So that the professional removal companies can match the boxes up to the rooms, ensuring that there is no mix up of boxes in the wrong rooms.

Get each person to pack up their desk

Assigning each employee to pack up their desk materials will help you decrease the amount of time spent packing up the whole office. Once each person completes the entire office can work together to pack up the remaining shared areas of the office. Working as a team can almost be a tip of its own, as this can considerably reduce the time of office removals if packing is not just left to a few people.

Hire a removal company

In order to take the pressure out of moving and hire an office removals company as soon as you can to help you move. With office removals at Penrith, there is no need to purchase boxes, and you will be delivered packing crates a week before your move. However, if your moving timeline means that your packing is to be started before then let you know, and you can organize to deliver them sooner.

Preparing staff for an office move

Moving offices can potentially add or reduce their commute time, potentially affecting their child care or other arrangements. It is vital to give your employees sufficient notice before starting the moving process. Preparing staff for an office move will give them time to sketch in advance for their new work commute.

Notify your landlord

All leases are distinct, so you always check your current lease before choosing a move date to ensure sufficient time to notify your landlord that you will not be renewing your current lease. Ensure that every employee and supplier your company deals with is aware of the move. Even before you choose a date and it is a good thing to start putting it out where the company will be moving locations. Some employees will probably have to look for a new job if they feel they cannot commute to the new office location. To avoid any potential problem with employees, try to give them sufficient time to work out their details.

Position up your office in a new layout

In order not to have to reorganize office furniture multiple times, make plans for the placement of furniture and workspaces within the new office in advance and then agree with your colleagues. This will permit you to plan the work process opening the day of the move.

Bottom Line:

As you know, moving your office things to a new place is difficult without the help of removals in PenrithThe listed above are all the essential tips needed for moving.


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