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Things to do before calling a removals company when moving house

When you are about to start a new chapter in your life, such as starting a new job or getting married, relocating can be an exciting experience. Moving all of your belongings to your new home can be difficult. There are numerous things you should prepare for and consider for everything to go smoothly. The last thing you get during the process is stress, which can reduce your fun and excitement. Consider doing the following things before contacting removals in Penrith to avoid a hectic move.

Prepare ahead of time:
Please do not put it off until the night before the removal company arrives to pack your belongings. This will inevitably result in some tired movers and a potentially chaotic move. Create a checklist of everything you need to pack and start working through it well before the removal company arrives.

Get your packing materials:
The first step in packing a house for a removal company is to gather your supplies. When relocating, start collecting small, medium and large boxes, heavy-duty boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, old newspapers, marker pens, and labels are all necessary items.

Purging will entail trying to get rid of something undesirable. When planning a move across town or the country, it is necessary to get rid of easily obtained items. Leaving some of these items behind will help you save money and the time it takes to pack them. To accomplish this, you must purge, and different methods of purging are ascertained by time. The simplest solution is to donate such items or to take them to a consignment shop. Heavy items that you can survive without or whose purchase cost is less than the cost of moving should be discarded.

Make a list of everything that requires to be packed so that you do not forget anything. It would benefit if you also built a schedule that will not overburden you. Consider moving on a weekend rather than a weekday to avoid missing work or school. Scheduling also includes arranging for assistance, researching moving companies, and making arrangements for your pets, if you have any. You must also call the utility companies on both sides of the move to ensure that you get the assistance you need and cancel those you do not, such as garbage collection, daily newspapers, electricity, and gas.

Collecting boxes:
There are various methods for ensuring that you have enough boxes, including purchasing. You can also find cheaper used boxes at moving truck rental facilities where previous movers have returned them or even online. You could also talk to your friends to save boxes for you.

Make a checklist for moving inventory.
Make a comprehensive inventory of all your household items before professional packers and movers arrive at your home. This inventory checklist will help you keep track of everything you own. When the Removals in Penrith arrive, you can inspect the items as they are packed and loaded into the truck without missing a beat. With an inventory, you can even identify which items are lost or damaged during the shipping process.

Packing your things:
Packing should not be put off until the last minute. Begin the activity with items that you rarely use. You should also specify what each box should contain and where it should be placed, such as the bedroom, kitchen, or living room. Make sure you have a box ready for valuable items that you will be transporting yourself. To make unpacking easier, set aside some boxes for items you will need immediately after arriving at your destination, such as clothing, food, cookware, and toiletries. 

Make a plan for your children and pets:
Children and pets can be difficult to manage during a house move, and they can be disorganised, making it difficult for the moving company to complete their work. As a result, you will want to keep your children and pets away from the chaos on moving day. Allowing them to stay could result in mishaps and injuries. So, enlist the help of a family member to look after them while you supervise your professional packers and movers. After you have settled your children and pets, you can start packing and moving boxes.

Tag the boxes:
One of the most common packing and moving tips is to label your boxes properly. This is critical, especially if you have fragile items that you want to keep safe. Labelling your belongings can also keep your movers and packers from mishandling them. Furthermore, labelled boxes can make unpacking easier and save time if you are looking for a specific item.

Look in the home appliances:
Fridges and freezers will necessitate being defrosted ahead of time so that they can be thoroughly dried before moving. Cookers must be disconnected, and washing machines must be emptied. For transportation, washing machines should be protected with the brackets provided by the manufacturer.

Prepare your boxes ahead of time:
One last thing that will greatly assist the removal company on your big day is to organise your boxes before the team’s arrival. Generally, arrange your boxes from heaviest to lightest or know where the heaviest boxes are located. And briefing the removals team on how you have organised your belongings allows them to begin loading the van as soon as they arrive.

Bottom line
If you take the time to complete some or all of the above tasks before the arrival of your removals company in Penrith, you will most likely make the moving out day go much faster and avoid any hassles. This will reduce the period it takes for you and your family to settle into your new home. 

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